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  “My experiences working with Mr. Czapiewski were specific to natural resource planning projects. These projects were strategic plans for both natural resource management as well as an extensive recreational trail use plan. Each of these plans required facilitation input from a wide and diverse group of interested parties including county commissioners, local units of government, staff, forest industry interests, and recreational interests to name a few…

If you are looking for a consultant to help you through a strategic planning effort that will have a positive impact on your business or company, I believe Mr. Czapiewski is the person who can make a difference with your company.”

–   Robert Milne Former Beltrami County Land Commissioner, 1999-2008

  “I have worked with Joe over the years on many different projects. He has proven to be very skilled in working with a variety of people that passionately bring different interests and priorities to the discussion and he will bring the group to a consensus proposal and/or decision. He works equally well with professionals and lay people. I would recommend engaging Joe and his skills in strategic planning and facilitating team outcomes as you work toward your goals.”

–   Ann Long-Voelkner North Zone Public Service Team Leader Chippewa National Forest, U.S. Forest Service

  “Joe Czapiewski is a very talented young man. After working 30 plus years at the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources in State Parks, I retired and was hired as the Park Director for Beltrami County. At the DNR I held 6 different positions including Assistant State Park Director and State Park Planning Manager. In my many years of working, I find Joe Czapiewski to be the type of planning and fundraising talent that a community in Northern Minnesota is looking for to achieve their goals. When I took over the Park Director position for Beltrami County, our first priority was to prepare a total recreational plan for Beltrami County. Joe and I worked closely together on this plan that was completed and has now been 80% implemented. Our plan was realistic and within reach; it designated all parks and trails identifying grants and funding resources to achieve the county’s goals in recreation.”

–   John Winter Registered Landscape Architect