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  “I have known and worked with Joe for many years in various capacities and have found his understanding of and dedication to community development, and more specifically, the nonprofit sector, remarkable. Joe brings professional leadership and quality of service to every aspect of the project at hand. His thoughtful consideration provides highly effective results in an efficient manner. Without reservation, I would hire Joe to provide the services offered by his new consulting firm, JFC Strategic Services.”

–          Geri Hickerson, Executive Director
Northwoods Habitat for Humanity

  “FEMA requires counties to develop Hazard Mitigation Plans and the thorough review of these plans every five years. Approximately 10 years ago this requirement was instituted and grant money was attached to this requirement. Due to the requirement being in its infancy this project began with virtually no information and no idea of where to start. Mr. Czapiewski was tasked with designing the project, gathering and organizing the information and creating and finalizing the plans. Data needed for the project included flood studies – which were incomplete or non-existent, infrastructure documentation, resource requirements and a myriad of other data and information which was compiled and analyzed. A number of public meetings were facilitated and the information from these meetings compiled and collated. Through it all Mr. Czapiewski remained a tremendous leader and resource. The finished proect at the conclusion of this year long process was excellent and meta ll the FEMA and HSEM requirements for approval. His studies were the basis for the next round of a required Hazard Mitigation Planning updates recently completed by our Emergency Management Director in December of 2013.”

–          Sheriff Phil Hodapp
Beltrami County

  “I’ve been impressed with Joe’s ability to envision an event AND implement the many small steps necessary to make such an event happen. Most people I have dealt with (myself included) are good at one or the other. Seldom do you have someone with a vision who can also dot the i’s and cross the t’s.

We have seen BSU’s Community Appreciation Day grow from an idea to a huge annual event that draws thousands to the campus. Joe is a huge reason why that happened. Similarly, the BYAC Youth Rally has been a significant part of summer in Bemidji. Joe has shown that he can work with a diverse group of youth to make something exciting happen. Amazingly this event has been hugely popular with youth and is something parents feel good about, too. That is no small accomplishment.”

–          Kevin Jackson
Paul Bunyan Broadcasting

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